Winter is almost here with it’s short days, minimal daylight and temperamental weather. I tend to mostly wear black kits when it’s cold and dark, and all you want to do is wrap up warm in numerous layers like ninja. I’ve decided to put together a list of my favourite monochrome kits that are stylish, fit really well and yet are still different. Most of these are available in both women’s and men’s fits, so worry not.


Paria – Bleka kit

I have been rocking this awesome kit since summer and it is definitely one of my favourites in terms of quality and design. Cool enough for sunny days, but also warm when layered for colder weather. The brand is based in Leeds (UK) and is run by a guy called Sam and his wife, who have recently gone into the world of cycling kits and accessories. Check them out and support the local brand!


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God And Famous – Dooms Day kit

Hailing from New York (US) these guys make the most stylish and understated monochrome kits. They ride hard too, so it’s all tested to the max.


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Morvelo – Unity Evo Mono Speedsuit

Now this looks like the perfect kit for a bit of cyclocross racing and if you just want to feel and look fast on any bike.


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Giro x Attaquer Limited Edition kit

Giro Cycles cafe, which is just a little outside of London, have recently collaborated with Attaquer (Australia) and made this quirky kit, which is available in limited sizes from their cafe shop as well as online. Hurry up while stocks last!


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MAAP – Contour Short Sleeve jersey + bibs

These guys have been doing some amazing stuff lately. I like their bold colour block kits, but this one is simple and elegant. Another brand from Australia that is leading the market on the design in cycling apparel.


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Milltag – Shattered kit

Local guys based in London, who make the kit for many professional teams as well as amateur ones too. My friend Eugene (@horrrrosho on Instagram) designed this particular one, so kudos to him for a great design, which is nearly sold out now.


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Tenspeed Hero – Women’s Race Cut Black Sprinkles jersey and skinsuit

This brand is based in Chicago and is all behind women’s cycling, so expect well fitting cuts, great fabrics and cool looking designs. You should check out their blog too as they run some great projects and cover loads of fun races including their own cyclocross race team adventures.


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Hope you enjoyed my list. Let me know what’s your favourite piece of monochrome kit?

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