Apologies for the lack of material on the site, I have mainly been hibernating and hating the crap weather we’ve been getting here in London. Cold, rain, occasional snowflake and lots of brutal wind is starting to bore me off and I literally cannot wait for the spring to come. Christmas was a pretty quiet time and with the exception of completing Rapha Festive 500 I haven’t done much at all. The dark short days also don’t help the motivation to get out of bed for early laps and more times than often I’ve snoozed my alarm once or twice to avoid freezing on the bike before work. Whilst it might seem winter is for hibernating (well at least that’s how I see it), a few exciting things have happened recently and I wanted to share it with you.

After a bit of consideration of how I am going to approach my next race season and thinking I would most likely be racing independently, something unexpected happened and I was approached to join a team for the 2017 fixed gear crit season. This year I am going to be representing Cadence Colossi collaboration and we have a lot of exciting things in the pipeline.



Photo by Kamal Balgobin

Cadence  is a huge cycling performance and lifestyle brand in the US that has a lot of credibility and an awesome designer Dustin Klein behind the Cadence Collection creations. While in the UK it’s lesser known and isn’t available as widely, they have recently supported a London crit team called Full Denim Jacket and that is how I got to know the brand a bit more. Although Cadence mainly caters for men, their latest collaboration with Machines for Freedom is a strong statement they are not overlooking the rise of women’s cycling and certainly want to cater us with exceptionally great kit.


Machines for Freedom and Cadence kit

Asides from Cadence we also have Colossi (a dutch bespoke frame builders) on board to make us some fixed crit specific frames. They are now awaiting the paint job and should be ready fairly soon – I honestly cannot wait to see what they look like! As if that wasn’t enough, there is also Ritchey supplying us the finishing kit, Factory Five  with their chainrings, Giro  with helmets and shoes, Inside Line Equipment with race day backpacks and Benefit Drinks with the juice (fruits and veg, don’t get the wrong idea here fellas). We also have SBC Cycles  on board to help us with building the bikes and any unexpected mechanicals. Our team is going to look fly as hell with all of that support, so huge thanks to all of the brands involved! Here are some photos of the frames in production.


It is certainly going to be a fun and busy season for us. My main races that I am putting in the diary are:

Red Hook Crit – London, Barcelona and Milan

Rad Race – Fixed 42 Berlin

Thundercrit and Thundertrack (London)

London Nocturne – fixed crit (I hope this time women are catered for)

Herne Hill Velodrome Wednesday and Womens Leagues

Minet Crit

… and potentially a few more.

I would have loved to go to New York again to race the first leg of Red Hook Crit, but I am off to Japan in March for a few weeks (smug face), so sadly will be missing that one. Oh well, at least that gives me more time to prepare for the season. The one thing I hope doesn’t happen this year is injuries – don’t want any of that!

Overall I am super happy with how everything turned out for this year and really looking forward to simply shredding on a track bike. Let me know what your plans are and any cool races on your radar.



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